Black Gushers (.5ml)

The nose on Black Gushers is predominately sweet, yet surprisingly creamy, with overtones of an herbal spice and citrus. Lighting Black Gushers up, an herby ‘black licorice’ flavor really came across, most notably a muted candied fruitiness amidst your classic kush. More of a ‘jelly bean’ flavor than outright fruit. The exhale was consistently gassy with A sweet earth, almost cookie like finish with a touch of berry every few hits.

Black Gushers effects were felt immediately behind my eyes and resting on my cheekbones, first clouding and soon invading my thoughts with a heavy embrace and blissful mental fog. Intense focus/productivity may not come easy under the effects of Black Gushers. Physically, I found this strain to be highly sedative and delightfully lazy, but not necessarily a sleepy high (especially during daytime use). A full body tingle turned to melt, the effects of Black Gushers feel almost restorative as it sweeps away a whole medley of ailments for a few hours.

What is cannabis oil?
Cannabis oils are extracts from cannabis plants. Unprocessed, they contain the same 100 or so active ingredients as the plants, but the balance of compounds depends on the specific plants the oil comes from. The two main active substances in cannabis plants are cannabidiol, or CBD, and delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Oil extracted from hemp plants can contain a lot of CBD, while oil from Cannabis plants will contain far more THC. THC produces the high that recreational cannabis users seek, while oils for medical use contain mostly CBD. Clearlight is Rhinomeds420 flagship contaminant-free distillate via state-of-the-art refinement and pesticide remediation processes. Clearlight is the cleanest, highest quality. This is our highest potency oil, coming in at over 85% total cannabinoids

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