Cart and Battery Maintenance

One of the segments of a vape that’s often forgotten when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene is the device’s battery. Since all it does is charge the actual vape and let it run correctly, the only thing vapers remember about the battery is that they need to let it recharge every once in a while. However, they often forget just how critical the connection between the battery and the rest of the vape is. Furthermore, improper maintenance and dirty vape parts can decrease the lifespan and performance of vapes.

The magnet collects tiny oil droplets over time in normal use the oil condense and sticks the components together to both cartridge and battery, when the oil cools it hardens, when swapping cartridges it can put strain on the coil and in some cases pull the centre coil our making both cartridge and battery unsualable, this can easily be avoided by removing the cartridge after use or cleaning the items every few days

Watch the video how to clean your vape. once cleaned allow to completely dry to vape again.

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