Forbidden Fruit Cart (.5ml)

The most forbidden fruit of all, Devil Fruit is an indica-dominant hybrid that’s high in CBD. Created by the Barcelona-based Medical Seed Co, the strain is a cross between Shiskaberry and Great White Shark. It carries a rich and hashy aroma as well as enduring sedative effects.

Devil Fruit is marked by medium to large flowers that adhere in solid indica formations; the leaves are densely packed at their core and hold the tapered shape of miniature pinecones. The coiled leaves are a medium mossy green and are filled with curly orange pistils. These well-formed, colorful buds are made even more eye-catching by the presence of snowy, translucent white trichomes.

Despite its sinister name, Devil Fruit carries a pleasant, appealing aroma. Buds smell fruity on first inspection with almost tropical citrus accents while a second whiff reveals some earthy, mellow base notes. Grinding up these compact flowers, meanwhile, gives off more of an acrid, peppery odor that may call to mind the Afghani landrace in this strain’s background. Devil Fruit gives off a smooth and refreshing smoke when combusted in a pipe or a joint. This smoke tastes fruity and a bit sour on the exhale.

Devil Fruit takes effect relatively quickly. At first, it may bring unfamiliar physical tics like a flushing in the cheeks or an increase in salivation. As these sensations subside, the smoker may notice some subtle increase in their ways of thinking. Ideas and stray thoughts may seem to take on a new significance or intensity and may move more quickly than usual. Additionally, consumers may begin to brainstorm in a freely-associative manner. This stimulated mindset makes Devil Fruit a good strain for accomplishing work on detail-oriented and fact-based tasks as well as on more creative pursuits like creating art or crafting. Similarly, it can help to stoke conversation when shared in social settings, whether you’re with old friends or new acquaintances.

As some time passes, however, Devil Fruit’s high morphs into a more physically-centered sensation. Waves of relaxation may run down the spine and outward into the core and limbs. Users may find themselves able to breathe more deeply and easily, while those who may have been active or standing can be struck by the desire to stretch out on the closest comfortable couch. Fortunately for those looking to maintain their productivity, though, Devil Fruit allows for continued mental clarity. Smokers can still maintain lucid conversation and accomplish work, although they may be more inclined to kick back for a long binge-watching session. With increased dosage, couchlock is certainly possible as all outside preoccupations fade into the background. Because of its gradual decrescendo in energy levels, Devil Fruit is recommended for consumption later on in the day or in early evening.

Devil Fruit’s far-reaching effects can have many uses for medical cannabis patients as well. Its enduring sense of concentration can help those with attention deficit disorders to stay zoned in on single tasks. Its mood-altering properties may also temporarily benefit those suffering from mild to moderate stress and depression. On the physical end of the spectrum, Devil Fruit can lessen aches and pains, whether they’re due to chronic conditions like arthritis or lupus or to temporary inflammations like headaches. Because its cerebral effects can veer into paranoid territory in the wrong set and setting, Devil Fruit is not recommended for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.

What is cannabis oil?
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