Imini V2 Battery

Authenticated imini battery
Preheat: 10s
Model name: imini V2
Imini V2 size: 34mm*19mm*59mm
Thread Type: 510 Thread
Material: Plastic+brass
Battery capacity: 650 mah
Cartridge: Diameter under 13mm
Tank capacity: 0.5ML 1ML

The package of Imini V2 Comes With:

● 1 x Imini V2 Battery

● 1 x USB Charging Cable

● 1 x Gift Box Package

imini v2 Operations:

1. Power On/Off: Press the fire button 5 times, and the fire button light is on, enter vaping mode; press the fire button 5 times in 2 seconds continuously, turn off.

2. Preheating: Press the fire button two times, the battery starts to warm up, and the preheating time is 10S.

3. Power adjustment: In the power on state, continuously press the fire button 3 times to adjust the output voltage 2.9V-3.4V-3.8V.

The current voltage is 2.9V , the LED light is green

The current voltage is 3.4V , the LED light is yellow.

The current voltage is 3.8V , the LED light is red.

The current voltage is lower than 2.9v smoking, LED lights flash 10 times red, indicating that the battery needs to be charged.

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