Peach Ringz

Thc 24 % Cbd 2.3 % Terps 3%
Peach Ringz is a hybrid cannabis flower that has some rare lineage. Descending from Peach OG (this is where the rare comes in) a indica dominant hybrid flower and blended with the likes of Marrion Berry and Og Eddy. This bud is heavily coated in fuzzy trichomes that make it look like it has been doused with sugar crystals. The aroma and the taste lives up to the sugary look of the trichomes and the name – You may become confused that you are actually smoking flower rather than eating peach ring gummy candies from your childhood (although some claim it reminds them of peach cobbler – either way, we aren’t complaining). The high is almost an immediate onset of a mild uplifting euphoria. Peach Ringz then swiftly but smoothly fades from head high to a relaxing body melting high that comes over you in soft soothing waves.

Among putting a smile on your face, the effects of Peach Ringz are effective in providing relief from chronic pain, muscle spasms, insomnia and anxiety.

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