Terps Sauce Carts

Terp sauce, or more accurately and scientifically known as High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE), is a high potency cannabis extract that is extremely high in aromatic terpenes. This potent sauce may contain over 60% more of these tasty and smelly molecules than standard shatter or wax products.

Terp sauce is made using butane hash oil (BHO) extraction techniques. The process uses plant material in its fresh form, or that which was frozen quickly after harvest and is therefore still relatively fresh. Using fresh material like this has massive advantages, as the terpenes may begin to degrade quickly after harvest due to their volatile nature.

The BHO extraction method starts off with filling up an extraction tube with the plant material until the tube is air-free. A mesh screen or fine filter is then placed over one end of the tube. The tube is then held over a dish and butane is forced through it. The liquid that emerges on the other end and into the dish should have a gold quality to it.

Next up is the purging process, which is used to remove the valuable oils. Purging for terp sauce is done slightly differently and is often dubbed “diamond mining.” The gold liquid is placed within a cool and dark place for up to a couple of weeks.

During this resting phase, a separation occurs, with terpy diamonds rising to the top. The remaining liquid is then removed and purged separately using heat.

This liquid should be placed into a Pyrex dish and onto an electric heating pad with heat applied to it. If the liquid is still cloudy, then butane is still trapped within.

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